Nina Maric is the illustrator and artist behind Chic on Paper whose art has been incorporated into a wide range of high profile clients and commercial brands in the fashion, beauty and luxury industries. Her artwork has been published by renowned publishers such as Condé Nast, and her custom art has been commissioned by Hollywood celebrities and influencer royalty, including The Skinny Confidential, Christine Chiu (Bling Empire), Kathy Hilton, Jay & Silent Bob, and many others.

Glamorous, romantic, and feminine, her style features elegant portraits blurring the lines between traditional and digital. She combines Copic markers, watercolors and other details into her digital art.

Nina is a self-taught Canadian artist who has built her Chic on Paper business as something that started out as a hobby at first. As a lover of all things glamorous, Nina finds inspiration in high fashion elegance to create whimsical art for the home décor industry and custom projects on a freelance basis. 

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